The first meeting

The first contact usually takes place via e-mail, telephone, skype or facebook. More often then not this results in a meeting. During this meeting we get the chance to get aquinted and I can show some more of my work & wedding albums. Offcourse i’m happy too answer  any questions you might have and offer advice about your wedding day. At the end of the meeting i can give a proposal which is based on your day, wishes and budget

Just before the wedding

Although i’m always available for questions, i’ll contact you again two weeks before the wedding. At that time you probably have a good idea how the day is going to be and together we check the planning so we are fully prepared for the wedding day

The wedding day

You should enjoy your wedding day together with familie and your guests. As a wedding photographer i try to blend in and don’t want to attract any attention. I’ll photograph all moments as they happen without being noticed. By being a ‘fly on the wall’ i can create an atmosphere where everybody is being relaxed. Only in this atmosphere the special and funny moments can take place.

The wedding portraits

During the wedding portraits I take a different approach. We walk along, talk, have fun and i try to create a relaxed atmosphere. It is very important that you have fun during the formals ! When i see a nice spot we stop and make some photographs. For these images i would like to capture your personalties, your smile and emotions. I might give you to do something funny which results in a big smile.. guaranteed! And the true love and smiles is what i would like to capture.

My style is a mix of romantic, modern and photojournalistic. During the day i have a more photojournalistic approach. But during the formals it is more a romantic & modern approach

After the wedding:

After the wedding day all images are post-processed professionally for color,contrast, exposure etc. This takes about 3-4 weeks. After this the images are ready and you will receive the DVD with all images in high-resolution .jpg format

Wedding & parent albums:
Wedding and parent albums are available in several sizes, colors and materials. I can show the possibilities during the first meeting