Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions. Please contact me if  you have an question which is not answered below. I’ll be happy to provide you with an answer

We don’t look good on images.. 

Don’t worry. Most couples are nervous and afraid they don’t look good on images. However professional photography is different then a snapshot taken with an iPhone. I know how to make people look beautifull. If the love between you two is present.. beautifull images will happen naturally

We don’t like to be posed 

I understand exactly what you mean. Posing can feel akward and make you uncomfortable which is not my intention. During the shoot i’ll i might give a few tips and tricks on how to stand but that is it. Most important is that you have fun and then things just happen naturally

Can you present a slideshow of some pictures in the evening?
Yes. When there is a quiet moment (example during the dinner) i can select & post process around 50-80 images of the day. These can be show in a slideshow after dinner.

How long does it take before we receive our images ?
After the wedding it takes 3-4 weeks before the images are ready. All images are professionaly post processed and deliverd on DVD in high resolution jpg format

How many images do you deliver of our wedding ? 
It is hard to give an exact number because every wedding is different. Offcourse it also depends on how many hours i’m hired. For me the most important thing is that you get beautifull images of all important moments. But to give an idea. For a wedding of 6 hours i typically deliver around 300-350 images

Are these all images, or do we receive a selection ?
Offcourse a selection will be made. Some images might be unsharp or somebody might just walked in front on my camera while i took a picture. Or someone may look funny or have his/her eyes closed. Those kind of images are filtered out, but all other images will be delivered

Will the images receive post-processing? 
My goal is always to capture each image perfect in camera and don’t use extensive photoshop to enhance a mediocre photo. However every image gets post processed to give them that litte bit extra !

Can we select which images will be used for  the wedding album?
Offcourse.. It is your wedding album! I always make the first design which you receive by e-mail as PDF. From here you can tell me what you want to have changed.  The album will go in production only when you are 100% happy with the design

We would like to create our own wedding album, is this possible ?
Yes. You will receive all the images in high resolution .jpg format so you are free to create your own album and order it from any supplier you want

Can we print our photo’s ourselves ?
Yes. You will receive all the images in high resolution .jpg format. Using this you can print your images in any size using any supplier you want

Do you only work in the Netherlands ?
No. I’m available for local and international weddings

How long should we plan for the photoshoot ?
Preferably 1 a 2 hours exclusive travel time between locations. The photoshoot is the only time during the day you have some time for yourself. A perfect oppertunity to relax so i advise to take your time . Also i advise multiple shooting locations if possible. Do keep in mind the travel time between locations

Do we need to supply a lunch/dinner ?
No, i always have food & drinks with me. If you want to offer a meal then this is offcourse very appreciated. But  please don’t serve me a meal of 3-4 courses. During dinner i’m often busy photographing speeches and creating the slideshow so i don’t have time for a  3-4 course dinner

What is your pricing ?
Pricing can be found here
In case you have additional wishes i’m happy to make a proposal based on your wishes and budget.

Do you ask a deposit ?
Yes. When you decide to book me and agree with the proposal i will send you a quote for the deposit. The booking is only valid when the deposit has been received.

How long before our wedding we should book you ?
It is important to book a photographer as soon as your wedding date is known.I can do only 1 wedding per day, and max. 2-3 per week. So to avoid disappointment it is best to arrange things as early as possible

Are travel expenses & travel time included?
Yes, travel time & expenses within the Netherlands is included.

Are there any other costs involved ?
No, All prices are inclusive and no extra costs are involved. The only extra costs might be travel time & expenses for weddings outside the Netherlands

Do you work with a contract ?
Yes. All details will be put in a contract

What happens if your equipment fails ?
I only work with professional camera’s and lenses. These are designed for intensive use under severe weather conditions. All equipment gets serviced 2x per year. But in case something happens. I always have backup equipment with me.

What happens if you are sick or unable to photograph your wedding ?
In case this happens i can fall back on a large network of professional wedding photographers from which someone can take over the wedding coverage

How long are the images stored?
Digital negatives (RAW) files are stored for 1 year. The .jpg images you receive are stored for 5 years. We do advise clients to backup the images on a regular basis since the lifetime of DVDs is not endless

Do you work alone ?
In general yes, but sometimes i have an assistant with me. If you would like to have a 2nd photographer present on your wedding then this can be arranged

Do you place our images on your website ?
I may use your images for my portfolio and/or promotional material like brochures and flyers. But if you want to keep your images private then just say and i will not use them

Do you provide loveshoots/engagement sessions ?
Offcourse, a loveshot or engagement session is the perfect way to get to know each other and to get used to being photographed.

I have more questions!
Please contact me  and i will be happy to provide you with an answer